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Sita and Sasha
Flourish Art Therapy Studio

Hi, I'm glad you found me! 

I am an art therapist, and I'd like to help you if:

  • you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions

  •  feel disconnected from, or numb to your feelings

  • You are struggling to let go of emotions, but don't know how to start

  • You find it hard to consistently keep your creativity alive

  • You would like to learn how to connect with yourself through art making

Why Naturopathy

Art Therapy is designed to bring about more clarity and calm to your life through art making.

You don't have to have any experience doing art to gain the full effect of this process. If stick men are your thing we welcome them and you too, but I suspect you will likely be pleasantly surprised at your own creations and abilities.


Anxiety wears us down and skews our perspective.  It can warp our feelings about ourselves and our situations.   

Making art within an Art Therapy framework allows us to put some of our biggest fears and issues outside of our selves, where we can look at them with more objectivity.


It affords us a perspective we rarely have in the middle of anxiety or depression. The process of art therapy can help to scale down and tame some of our anxiety distorted fears and thoughts and bring a new clarity to our thinking.  

“Sita fostered such an atmosphere of healing that I felt confident to explore some very difficult areas of my life, and was able to begin my own healing journey.” 

— Cassandra

Sita outside of the Flourish Studio

Hi!  I'm Sita Then   

People are natural makers of things, art, ideas; creative, curious and delight in novelty.  We enjoy doing things with our hands, as it calms our nervous system, drops our anxiety, and opens our minds, regardless of skill level.

Art is a medium that can nurturing the soul and heal the inner self.

My role as a therapist and compassionate facilitator means that I listen without judgement and support and respectfully guide the therapeutic process towards the goals of the individual.   

Flourish Art Therapy offers one on one sessions and group sessions.  Group experiences offer a safe and nurturing environment for exploration of life most pressing issues.  

As highly social creatures, being part of a process art group helps to relieve isolation and builds connections with people facing similar struggles, as we are all fundamentally linked and defined by our interactions with others.  

Although deep issues often surface, this process can be a lot of fun too! 

I am a graduate of The Ontario College of Art (1988) and The Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (2019)

I am a professional member of the British Columbia Art Therapy Association and the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

As a visual artist, passionate gardener, and mother, I bring my wonder, creativity and playfulness into my work, which is reflected in my studio, the home of Flourish Art Therapy, situated in a peaceful, lush garden I enjoy sharing with all who come here.


The studio is warm and inviting, 
you are most welcome here.


Let's Meet

Our initial meeting will be a free of charge, short consult–usually around 30 minutes.

This can happen either in person, in the studio, or on the phone.  

Contact Form

Thanks for contacting me!

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