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“At Flourish we use the creative process to express thoughts and emotions that are too tender or complex to express in words. The studio is a place to explore them using paint, collage, clay or other materials."
- Sita

The Flourish Practice: Healing, Growth and Well-being

We are all capable of growth and change. Person centred therapy allows clients to take the lead in guiding the sessions so that through the process they discover their own solutions.  If given a safe and supportive environment, the client will intuitively find their way to their own inner resources. 

My role as a therapist and compassionate facilitator means that I listen without judgment and support and respectfully guide the therapeutic process towards the goals of the individual. Although deep issues often surface, this process can be fun too. 


I am a graduate of The Ontario College of Art (1988) and The Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (2019), also a professional member of the British Columbia Art Therapy Association and the Canadian Art Therapy Association. 

Our space-holder

The Flourish Studio

The studio is a very private space that is like a ‘spa’ for the soul, a place outside of every-day concerns. The studio is a warm, light-filled environment where you are invited to explore one of human-kinds best tricks – to create. Art making has been a means of self-expression and realization, and a spiritual and emotional outlet since our very beginnings.


  • Initial consultation – free 

  • Individual therapy session – 60 minutes: $90.00/90 minutes: $120.00

  • Sliding Scale: There are a limited number of spaces available at a reduced rate for clients facing financial barriers.

  • Groups: please contact to arrange rate and length

  • Insurance Coverage: Visits are not currently covered under the BC Medical Services Plan. However, some extended benefits plans do offer partial or full coverage for therapy. I strongly advise you to check with your employer or insurance provider to see if you are covered.

  • Payment occurs at the end of the session and can be made by E-transfer, cheque or cash.


Groups and Workshops:

Youth - please go to the It's Complicated tab in the menu bar

Woman's Group - click here Workshops 



Your information and creative work is subject to the strictest confidentiality, and I abide by the code of conduct set out by the BC and Canadian Art Therapy Associations.                  

In BC the professional standards and Code of Ethics of Art Therapy are defined by the BC Art Therapy Association (BCATA)  and the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA)  

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

- Pablo Picasso

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