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2024 Winter Sessions


It's Complicated - group for teens


January 13 to March 2

Noon to 3 pm



February 15 to April 4

4pm to 6:30 pm


Cost: $252 (gst included)

This group is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed with emotions

  • You feel disconnected or numb to your feelings

  • You'd like to learn how to start practicing therapeutic art for yourself.


A series of 8 sessions:

Learn coping strategies and explore a variety of art mediums in a supportive environment.

You don't have to be an artist to gain the full benefits of this group.  

*snacks are provided

Our focus is on exploring aspects of self and unfolding the creativity that is within each of us.  Through discussion and collaboration we will explore issues that are important to the group using a variety of art mediums, discussion, and useful coping tools.


Making art within an Art Therapy framework allows us to put some of our biggest fears and issues outside of ourselves, where we can look at them with more objectivity, and affords us a perspective we rarely have in the middle of anxiety or depression.

The process of art therapy can help to scale down and tame some of our anxiety distorted fears and thoughts,

and doing so within a group can help us break our isolation and help us feel supported and understood by others who are struggling in the same way.

Wondering if this is a good fit for you or for your teen? 

You can contact me any time to talk about it and schedule a free studio visit where we can all meet.

I look forward to meeting you!








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